Conditioning of the mind vs. Conditioning of the body 

10×800 – one minute rest in between 

10×1000- 90 sec rest in between 

16×400-  90 sec rest in between

These are all some pretty killer workouts! Considering there all fast, and on a track.  The mental strength it takes to get through one of these workouts is probably that of equal to the physical aspect. A year ago I would’ve considered one of these maybe one of the hardest  things ever, in life! (Given I’m short in years and limited in experience) but now I see that being inured is harder than all of these workouts. -Not physically that’s for sure. But now I really see the importance of having mental stamina, strength and perseverance. Running is a crazy sport!! Since being injured I’ve really seen and realized the conditioning of your mind is just as important as the conditioning of your body. As runners we’re obsessed with the long run, the classic tempo, the short stuff, and though we’re not all that ripped, the strength. All of these things condition and push our body’s beyond our limits. This is what going through an injury does to your mind. Some may not come out victor. It’s totally your choice. You just have to mentally stick it out, exactly like all these killer workouts. 

Look at Meb Keflezighi for instance. Winner of the 2014 Boston marathon. Many people, coaches, fans, fellow runners, and doctors said that he would never make it back from a hip fracture that left him crawling(literally) two years before. He could barely turn over in bed. But stayed loyal to his passion and his dreams. He had the mental fight that he needed to make a unremarkable, unbelievable comeback and went on to win the Boston marathon. Was it easy? Heck no. I’m guessing it was harder than any workout he’s ever done. When everybody lost hope for him, he never did. Meb is an inspiration. 

With mental strength anything is possible.

3 thoughts on “Conditioning of the mind vs. Conditioning of the body 

  1. feeling inspired and motivated…not even beating myself up about not running today AND eating ice-cream!!!
    I think it is fair to say I need to re-learn this every few seasons…wrap my head around the fact that my weaknesses often are a manifestation of my thoughts and convictions about what I am capable of. I needed this, little tough, straight talk. Cant wait to test out the above workouts for a change of pace!

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  2. where are you based? perhaps my work travels will take me to a town near you and we can do one of these workouts together and blog about them! 🙂


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