“Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith”

Don’t lose hope, no matter what your going through, you can make it. I now know how important believing in your self, is now that I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum. 
There’ve been ups and downs, doubts and belief through my small trials, but I soon lost hope and I doubted my self. I began to think that I would never achieve the great dreams that I used to know I could achieve. My dreams felt crushed. One evening before bed, I knelt down in faith and asked the one universal question we all have at some point in our life: why has this happened me? Why me? 
 I asked God what I needed to do to heal my knee. 
That Wednesday I went to see a new physio therapist. As soon as I took off my shirt for examination she noticed something me, my mom, my physio therapist, a sports medicine doctor and my family doctor had all not noticed: I had severe scoliosis. 
I believe this was an answer. It wasn’t the greatest news, but at least I knew that this could be why I was injured in the first place and what I need to do to get back running.  

Do not doubt your faith, God is there when you least expect him to be, he’s there when you’re about to break, if only you let him in.  

2 thoughts on ““Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith”

  1. I agree with you, and you have the one thing you need to survive, a relationship not just religion. Now I understand your strength. We always don’t get the answer we want but the answer we need.


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