“It’ll be better tomorrow or the next day”-What they all say(/hope)

In March 2014 when I injured my knee on a school skiing trip, being the stubborn, crazy runner I am, I refused to hang up my running shoes for a couple of weeks, and I tried to resume my normal training for weeks after I was injured, soon enough I was crawling around the house. My thoughts were ” it’ll be better tomorrow, or the next day” as my previous “injuries” had always been. Honesty at first when I realized I couldn’t run, there was a bit of relief. I was tired.
 I now see how stupid I had been with training and not listening to my coaches. But that’s just me. I work and work and work until I’ve achieved what I want to achieve. I don’t stop until I absolutely have to. Some may call it a gift. But at times it’s more of a curse. I think God knew that I wouldn’t stop until I physically had too, and I think he knew that I was taking a wrong path. I needed to refocus. I need to look at the big picture. I only realized this maybe 10 months after I got injured. I know he will not give us more difficulties and trials than we can handle.  And my modo is “if you can take it, you can make it”.
 So I began to think “okay, maybe a month off running”. I’ll be slow but it’s ok I can’t run right now no matter what. So I biked, I swam, I did endless amounts of core. And so living with my injury began.

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